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Calculating Customer Lifetime Value For Startups With Limited Data

6 min read | Free Excel Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

Understanding Customer Lifetime Value and how it affects your small business or startup is a simple but useful tool you may be overlooking. Here’s some context and a guide on how to do it.

New Year's Resolutions: The Skeptic's Guide

12 min read | Free Google Doc Goal Setting Template

New Year’s resolutions are meaningless without the right process. Setting appropriate goals requires context in your life, the right frame of mind, and should pursue incremental progress. If you approach goal setting the right way, anything is achievable--and it doesn’t matter that time of the year you start.

Meditation: The Skeptic's Guide

33 min read | Free PDF Meditation Tracker

Skip the mumbo jumbo. Learn about the benefits of meditation, not as a life philosophy or religion, but a proven tool for reducing stress and anxiety.

How to Accomplish Goals with Habits

10 min read

The only reliable way to accomplish your goals is to start moving toward them with actionable steps that are repeatable. In other words, by creating habits. By starting small, tracking your progress, and gradually escalating on your habits over time, goal accomplishing becomes a passive process. As a result the likelihood - and frequency - of your successes increases.