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How to Accomplish Goals with Habits

10 min read

The only reliable way to accomplish your goals is to start moving toward them with actionable steps that are repeatable. In other words, by creating habits. By starting small, tracking your progress, and gradually escalating on your habits over time, goal accomplishing becomes a passive process. As a result the likelihood - and frequency - of your successes increases.

What Wells Fargo Should Do Now

15 min read

The recent problems at Wells Fargo are representative of a culture that rewards bad behavior and values numbers more than people. The only way to fix it is to fundamentally change processes and incentives—and to effectively communicate them.

The Business Case for Increasing Employee Engagement

7 min read | Free 1 Page Business Case

A 10% increase in Employee Engagement can lead to at least $2,108 per employee per year from increased productivity and reduced turnover alone.

Create and Communicate Your Mission, Strategy and Vision on 1 Page

9 min read | Free 1-Page Mission Vision Strategy Template

The single biggest cause of low employee engagement is lack of ownership over a company’s goals. If employee actions are not aligned to company goals then your employees’ actions will not always be in the best interest of the company.